• Personal and Professional is my best description of the experience at RJS Custom Clubs.  Bob makes the entire process thoroughly enjoyable while at the same time paying close attention to what is needed to have your clubs match your pattern.  Hands down the only way to purchase clubs is to get custom fitted utilizing technology like Flightscope. Buying off the shelf makes so little sense after going through a proper fitting.

    Tom Burge

  • He took 10 – 15 strokes of my game with his skills in building Golf Clubs

    Gord Morrison

  • Hi Bob,
    Well….. I have to say that 36 a day for 7 days will either get
    your game in shape, or kill you. Fortunately for me, I’m still
    standing, and driver tee shots are going a long way down the fairways
    with what seems like little effort. Proper alignment…. Grip….
    Relax…. Slow back swing…. And straight through the ball on the
    sweet spot. I’m having a lot of fun.  Thanks brother, this driver has
    given me confidence.

    David Laughlin

  • Dear Bob,
    My friend John and I were about to tee off on #1. while he was talking to the marshal, I quietly took out my new KZG driver that you built for me. I lined it up…..managed to quell the new toy excitement and took and easy swing…..SMACK…..right down the fairway to the 150 marker. ( a place I’ve rarely been.) John says, ” whoa, you got a hold of that one.” Then I showed him my secret weapon. Every shot I took with it was laser straight.
    I put a couple of balls in the woods only because of mental mistakes…….aiming at old target lines due to my slice in days gone by. Time for my tea, and tee time. Thank you so much.

    David Laughlin

  • I had a great day on the course.  I hit the LL driver today 8 of 10 drives were great.  The average was about 215 to 220 and one was 235  great improvement the weights really made a difference

    Wayne Pottie